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Satpal Sidhu for Whatcom County Executive  2019

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I’m Satpal Sidhu, and I am honored to serve as your County Councilmember. Currently, I am representing the old District 2 since 2015..With the changes in County Charter, I now live in District 3. My current term ends in 2019.. .

I have lived in Lynden for 30 years and have worked in this community as an engineer, business executive, educator and a small business owner.

My wife, Mundir, and I have been married for 38 years and together we have raised three fabulous sons, all who attended Meridian schools. Our eldest son Mandev works at Starbuck head office in Seattle his wife, Jasmine, is a physician with the UW Medicine Group. Our son Tanvir, manages Spice Hut and our youngest, Aman, is an engineer at Tesoro Petroleum..

I’ve been an active citizen in the community for past 25 years, serving on numerous community organization boards & committees, volunteering my time and skills to make our county a better place to live for all our residents.

My life may have a familiar American ring to it: young, ambitious guy from a faraway country gets an opportunity through the Rotary International Foundation to visit the United States and explore its business, public policy, social and cultural life. I recognized the American ethic of hard work and seized the opportunity to build a better life here.

In 2004, my wife and I started Spice Hut in Bellingham, a quality tea and spice retail business which has been voted twice as the Best Teahouse in the Pacific Northwest. As a small business owner I understand how to balance business profitability and have both satisfied customers and satisfied employees. I also support export of berries to Asia through LyndenBerry Company.

I have a record of taking on new challenges others would not. As Dean at Bellingham Technical College, I discovered that 1,500 highly paid, skilled workers at all four local refineries and other manufacturing businesses were about to retire over next decade. Those jobs were going to be recruited from outside the state like California and Texas. Recognizing the opportunity, I created an alliance of all four refineries and other stakeholders to start a new degree program at BTC to train local students with proper technical skills. Today there are several hundred high wage, skilled jobs taken by local graduates from BTC. Currently, I also serve on the board of Whatcom Community College Foundation to raise scholarship funds for increased access to education.

I have always emphasized working from our common ground, and I can do the same in Whatcom County. I have a proven record of working with integrity as an employee, employer and entrepreneur. My life has been about living the principles of fairness, and I will bring those principles to the Whatcom County Council.

I’m Satpal Sidhu, and I am asking for your support – and your vote.

Thank you,