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The Western Front: Alaska Ferry Route Closure Could Cost the Community

The proposal to cut back on ferry service is short-sided, Whatcom County Council Member Satpal Sidhu told The Western Front. Federal involvement in maintaining the routes is necessary if Alaska wants to balance its deficit, he noted. “If an I-5 bridge fails and we put federal and state money into it as everybody goes crazy—how come this bridge is falling and nobody is paying attention to that?” Sidhu said. “It’s just like another bridge on the highway.” Read full article here.

The Northern Light: Satpal Sidhu Announces Bid for Whatcom County Executive

“During my tenure as a councilmember, I have engaged in fruitful conversations with people of all walks of life – from hardworking union members and tireless farmers to young students and tribal elders, whose history here goes back hundreds of generations,” said Sidhu. “And I have educated myself on the issues impacting their lives. Regardless of where you come from, I hear a common theme: we love this area and we want a better future for our children and grandchildren.” Read full article here.

Pacific NW Magazine: Putting a Public Face on Whatcom County’s Sikh Population

“It’s clearly very impressive that this county elected a guy named Satpal Sidhu,” Whatcom County Council Member Donovan said. “Not just given the history of this place 100 years ago, but because of the contemporary challenges anyone from a visibly distinct minority community has running for public office.” His patient role on the council, many locals say, has burnished his place as a community leader, particularly among minority groups. Read full article here.