What Does Satpal Really Think about Boating on Whatcom County Lakes?

You may have see the attack ads. Here’s the real story.

On June 4, the Whatcom County Council discussed water quality concerns with regard to two-stroke boat engines as well as disturbances created by some types of motorized recreation on Lake Samish.

During the course of the meeting, Satpal Sidhu made some off-the-cuff remarks regarding the future of motorized boats on Whatcom lakes, suggesting that perhaps the lakes should be reserved for non-motorized recreation, like Lake Padden, where only non-motorized or electric powered watercraft are allowed.

In the weeks and months that followed, community members who enjoy water skiing and other motorized lake recreation reached out to Satpal and started a conversation about the value of this type of recreation.

On October 1, Satpal held a meeting with members of the community at Lake Samish, where he discussed how his views had evolved through his conversations with constituents. “The comments I made at the June 4 County Council came from the perspective of protecting our drinking water. However, these comments were not based on water quality data and I should have refrained from making broad assumptions about motorized boats,” Satpal said. “I am not against recreation and I am not against motorized boats.”

“Since making those remarks four months ago, I have gained a lot of knowledge about this subject and the longstanding family traditions of boating on our lakes. It is important that elected officials respond to the concerns of voters, remain open to criticism and ready to learn. I have learned a lot through this process and am thankful to the boaters who took the time to engage with me and share their perspective,” he said.