Whatcom County Is Not for Sale!

You’ve probably seen the smear ads, but what’s the truth?

Houston-based oil producer Phillips 66 has dumped $70K into a PAC whose purpose is to ensure that business lobbyist Tony Larson takes over as County Executive. Together with developers and tea party activists, they are spending more than $100K to help their friend. They have stooped to telling lies to achieve this.

Satpal is against boating on Whatcom Lakes!?

Not true!

Satpal wants to preserve the quality of our drinking water and also maintain recreational opportunities for everyone. See his full statement on boating here.

Satpal wants to see oil at $500 per barrel!?

Not true!

Satpal believes we may be able to get more valuable products from crude oil. Once he suggested that if oil prices were high we would use oil for better purposes rather than simply burn it as fuel. These philosophical musings have been intentionally misconstrued.

Satpal is responsible for the abandoned TreOil refinery?

Not true!

This is a long-debunked smear campaign based on conspiracy theories about a refinery that shut down nearly 30 years ago (see Northwest Citizen: Smear Campaign, May 29, 2017). An independent examination of the facts showed that Satpal worked at the Treoil plant as a hired manager for a limited period and was not responsible for the pollution threats which arose following the shutdown of the plant. Satpal is glad that the site has been cleaned up and hopes the owners will be held accountable. He is an advocate for better and more timely enforcement of environmental rules and regulations (see Whatcom Watch: EPA Cleaning up Toxic Site near Ferndale, August 2017).